Why Should You Change Activated Carbon Mask Filter Regularly?

Why we have to renew the filter periodically is a question that many customers are interested in when using the activated carbon mask. If you want to know if the replacement is simple or complicated, and is really necessary, let's explore the answer with NeoVision in the article below!


The trend of using activated carbon mask has become more and more popular in recent years because of their ability to provide optimal respiratory protection against heavy pollution in big cities. Compared to regular cloth masks, the structure of activated carbon masks is more complicated with 2 separate parts, the shell, and the filter, so the product also brings very different experiences to customers in the future.   

Specifically, the filter of the NeoVision brand usually consists of 3 - 5 layers depending on the product line with some typical layers such as non-woven fabric layer, Meltblown layers meeting quality standards to prevent fine dust, bacteria ... especially the charcoal filter layer. A high-grade active filter is capable of filtering harmful emissions such as CO, SO2, NO2, photochemical smoke, black smoke, Andehide, lead oxide, pollen...

With rigorous testing at prestigious laboratories around the world, the NeoMask mask filter ensures safety for users' health, including children, so you can rest assured to use it for yourself and your family every day.


An activated carbon filter works based on a non-absorption mechanism, in this process pollutants will stick to the outside of activated carbon. That's why when activated carbon shows signs of being saturated, the circuit structure inside the activated carbon is filled with odor molecules, no longer deodorizing well, it's also time to renew the activated carbon filter.

Depending on the mask brand, the manufacturer will prescribe a different filter usage time. With NeoMask mask of NeoVision, the recommended time is 1-3 months for codes VC65, RE5, HTP, and KMP, and 3-6 months for codes NC95, NeoMask, and NeoShield...

Periodic filter replacement on time has a great effect on protecting the respiratory system when on the road or when operating in heavily polluted environments. If after the specified time, the filter has not been renewed, the mask's ability to prevent bacteria, fine dust, and harmful emissions will be significantly reduced, directly affecting health, that we don’t know.

In short, learning about the filter's time and mechanism of action is the "golden key" that you need to keep in mind, making the use of activated carbon masks much simpler and more effective.


With separate housing and filter design, customers can perform filter replacements easily at home. Especially to meet the needs of users, NeoVision sells activated carbon filters separately with prices ranging from 20,000 - 70,000 VND, saving you the cost of buying a new product if the shell is intact.

However, there is a small note that the filter's shelf life will be counted from the time of tearing the packaging, so if you intend to buy ready-made for storage, please keep the seal intact to ensure the quality of products in the best possible way.

NeoVision mask - the perfect choice for you Besides, to avoid buying fake goods, users can buy genuine NeoVision activated carbon filters at the website www.neovision.com.vn, on Fanpage, or on Shopee e-commerce platforms, Sendo…Or if you want more information on how to use and maintain masks, please contact Hotline 0988485577 directly for quick support.