Product code: NeoShield


Materials: Four-way stretch rubber fabric, activated carbon plate.
The ACFB-activated carbon filter helps prevent dirt from entering the respiratory tract

International Certification
Friendly ingredients
with highly polluted environment

Characteristics of Neoshield active mask products

  • Neoshield premium masks protect people's health against air pollution, applying foreign techniques and technologies with completely foreign materials
  • The Neoshield shell is made with Neoprene, a material that is hypoallergenic to the skin and has good elasticity and elasticity, ensuring that the mask seals all gaps, and fits into a wide range of faces.

Neoshield Mask Construction

 Outer layer: Neoprene: Nylon + SBR
– Bộ lọc bao gồm 3 lớp:

+ 1st and 3rd layer: 100% PP nonwoven fabric
+ 2nd layer: Fiber-activated carbon 100% charcoal

Neoshield Active Mask Filter

  • Được chế tạo bằng than hoạt tính ( Activated Carbon Fiber – ACF) ép trong vải không dệt.
  • Prevents most respiratory penetration of most airborne pollutants: Hydrocarbons (including Benzene, Piren Butadiene 1-3 ), Carbon Oxide (CO), Carbon Dioxide Sulphide (SO2), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), photochemical fumes, black smoke, lead oxide, pollen, etc.
  • In particular, the air regulation of the two one-way valves makes it easier to circulate filtered air.
  • However, the product filter fixed usage time.

Criterion of Quality

  • Neoshield prevents PM2.5 fine dust up to 95% certified by Nelson Laboratories (USA).
  • ACF filters meet ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.
  • Standard: TC04-2006/TNM COMPANY.
  • Meets the tested 95% BFE Filtration Efficacy Indexat Nelson Laboratories (USA).

How To Assemble The Neoshield Active Mask One-way Valve

  • A valve set consists of two parts: the valve stem and the valve cap.
  • Insert the valve stem into the correct position on the mask, and assemble the valve cap into the valve stem by turning it clockwise.
    To remove the layer and filter of the mask, remove the valve by turning the valve cap counter-clockwise (on the valve with OPEN and CLOSE directions).

Neoshield Active Mask Instructions for Use

  • Place the mask comfortably, between the bridge of nose, and chin.
  • Pull the two straps around the back of the neck and engage the mask by sticking two pieces of spike tape together.
  • Adjusting the aluminum clips to fit snugly around the spine ensures the sealing of any gaps.
  • Check for sealing: face the sides of the face with your hands and breathe hard, tying the mask tighter if the air still escapes around the edges of the mask.
  • Cross-columns two pieces of spike tape can adjust the tension.

Neoshield Mask Storage

Store in a dry place.
With a normal washing mask.
With a layer of non-woven fabric in contact with the face skin, during use, if dirty, use a damp cloth to clean, dry to warm the filter, then insert it into normal use.
Usage time: 3-6 months from opening the packaging.Usage time: 3-6 months from opening the packaging.
Carefully remove and handle with care the ACF filter from the mask.
Quality standards
Meets standards QCVN 08/2012/ BLDTBXH, EN 143:2000 + A1: 2006 certified by the Center for Occupational Safety Inspection under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.
Meet the standard TCVN 7312: 2003 certified by the Center for Occupational Safety Inspection under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs
Passed the inspection results at the Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality Ho Chi Minh City.
Meet quality standards: TC 03: 2006/CTY TNM.