NeoMask – VC65 New Sự Cải Tiến Xứng Đáng Để Trải Nghiệm

NeoMask-VC65 New is an outstanding improvement of the NeoMask-VC65 line of masks, the most popular "national mask" in NeoVision. Since its launch, NeoMask-VC65 New has been evaluated as a perfect version compared to the old product from design to quality, helping to better protect the respiratory system against heavy pollution in many areas.


One of the most noticeable differences between NeoMask-VC65 New compared to the old line is the impressive elastic design that brings rigidity to the product but still feels extremely comfortable when in direct contact with the skin.

Besides replacing the hidden size adjustment knob as before, NeoMask-VC65 New offers maximum convenience during use when you can easily increase or decrease the width by adjusting the stopper on the strap part.

With all the above advantages, NeoMask-VC65 New has almost completely overcome the limitations of the old VC65 mask, helping you comfortably enjoy the fresh air anywhere.


The filter of NeoMask-VC65 New is an outstanding advantage worthy of your investment because the quality has been certified by Nelson Laboratories (USA). The filter consists of 4 layers arranged scientifically with a high-grade activated carbon layer that has the main effect of filtering polluted air and reducing unpleasant odors when commuting.

Besides, the product is also equipped with a Meltblown layer that meets the PFE99 standard with the ability to filter up to 99% of bacteria and superfine dust 0.1 micrometers in size, 25 times smaller than normal PM2.5 particles.

It can be seen that with a selling price of VND 30,000, NeoMask-VC65 New is worth investing in not only for yourself but also for the long-term health of your loved ones in the family.

3. SAVE COST compared to disposable masks.

NeoVision's NeoMask activated carbon mask makes a good impression on consumers thanks to the flexible removable filter, easy to replace after the manufacturer's recommended time, helping customers save maximum costs compared to disposable masks.

Với bộ lọc sử dụng liên tục từ 1-3 tháng cùng các tính năng bảo vệ hệ hô hấp vượt trội,  NeoMask-VC65 New thực sự là dòng khẩu trang quá lý tưởng trong tầm giá mà ai cũng nên sở hữu ít nhất một chiếc để đeo hàng ngày.

However, there is an important note so as not to affect the quality of the mask, you need to limit the filter to direct contact with water, and only wash the shell during cleaning for long-term use. Obviously, NeoMask-VC65 New deserves to be a perfect replacement for the old VC65 series that you should experience if you already love the NeoVision brand.

Currently, you can order NeoMask-VC65 New masks at the website or directly inbox Fanpage for support and advice in the fastest time. In addition, NeoVision also has many other high-end mask lines to suit the diverse needs of customers, helping to protect your health safely against constant dangers that threaten the respiratory system such as bacteria, and fine dust.