How to Use Activated Charcoal Mask Effectively

The demand for activated carbon masks is increasing, especially in big cities because of the outstanding protection they bring in today's heavily polluted environment. However, not everyone knows how to use activated carbon masks effectively, especially for customers who only have the habit of using medical masks or cloth masks so far. .

1. Things to Note When Using Activated Charcoal Masks

Choose the right mask size for your face

One of the things that is especially important when using fine dust mask activated carbon is choosing a product with a suitable size, hugging the face. For masks that do not have a size, users should actively adjust the strap, the aluminum piece on the bridge of the nose so that the mask is completely airtight. Otherwise, fine dust, chemicals, and bacteria will not pass through the filter, but through the crevice into the nose and mouth, running deep into the lungs.

Regularly clean the mask if you are constantly exposed to a toxic environment

The most basic rule when using activated charcoal mask is to use a very clean product, so you should have 2-3 masks to change regularly. Especially in case if you have just passed through a highly polluted area, a lot of dust, toxic chemicals, it is necessary to wash the mask as soon as possible.

For activated carbon masks, the cleaning process will be divided into 2 specific steps:

Replace the charcoal filter every 3-6 months

For activated carbon masks, the charcoal filter is the most important, so the maximum operating time of the filter layer should only range from 3-6 months. One of the signs that it's time to replace the charcoal filter is the fact that users smell pollution when traveling on the road. At that time, even if it is not the time to replace it, you should actively change the filter layer to ensure that the product promotes the best protection.

2. Choose to Buy Activated Charcoal Masks Of Reputable Brands

Similar to medical masks or cloth masks, the market activated carbon masks is also quite diverse, so consumers need to be really smart in choosing a quality product. quality, clearly branded.

NeoVision is known as a unit with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing activated carbon masks and sunscreen products in Vietnam market. Not only distributing domestically, the company also expands its business to other countries, so consumers can be completely assured of the true quality of Neomask masks.

Some of NeoVision's typical product lines that have been popular with users can be mentioned as: Neomask MN, Neoshield, NC95, VC65, HTP... With a variety of models, designs, and quality quality standards of domestic and foreign laboratories, but the selling price only ranges from 30,000 VND to more than 100,000 VND, NeoVision confidently asserts that the company's products will be the optimal choice if compared with other brands. other products in the same segment.

Currently, besides the company address at 611 Huynh Tan Phat, Tan Thuan Dong Ward, District 7, customers can also buy NeoVision activated carbon masks at website: www.neovision. With a commitment to bring quality products with reasonable prices in line with the income of the majority of users, NeoVision wishes to contribute a part in protecting the health of Vietnamese people in a polluted environment. as heavy as it is today.