Does wearing a mask block UV rays?

Wearing a mask is one of the most popular ways to protect your skin from the sun. However, not all products have the ability to block UV rays as advertised. Therefore, the question is where to find a reputable brand, distribute real UV protection masks and ensure the product quality as promised?


Tia UV (bức xạ tia cực tím) là một dạng bức xạ điện từ đến từ mặt trời hay các nguồn nhân tạo. Tia UV mang lại cho con người những lợi ích như giúp tổng hợp vitamin D trong cơ thể, ở liều lượng vừa phải tia cực tím có thể kích thích mọi quá trình hoạt động chính của cơ thể,… 

However, in addition, UV rays also have many potential harms to the skin and human health. According to research, more than 80% of the problems on our skin are caused by UV rays, so you need to always pay attention to protect your skin from the sun.

UV rays bring many benefits but also have many potential harms to the skin.

UV rays fall into three main groups::

UVA rays

Consisting of 95% of radiation, it is the type of ray that can penetrate glass and many fabrics. UVA rays do not darken the skin but create free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin, causing skin aging, and wrinkling, and indirectly causing cancer and DNA mutations.

UVB rays

UVB rays will affect the epidermis (outermost skin layer of the body) - the main cause of sunburn, and darkening of the skin, and can lead to skin cancer. They are most intense from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the day, and are strongest in the summer. UVB does not penetrate but can reflect through glass and water.

UV rays include 3 main groups that cause different damage to our skin.

UVC rays

Được mệnh danh là “kẻ hủy diệt” số một. Đây là tia có năng lượng cao nhất so với hai tia còn lại. Tia UVC gây tổn thương nghiêm trọng đến làn da và đôi mắt của chúng ta. Tuy nhiên tầng ozone trong bầu khí quyển đã ngăn chặn gần như toàn bộ tia này chiếu xuống mặt đất. Dù vậy, với sự suy yếu dần của tần ozone, các bức xạ năng lượng cao của tia UVC vẫn có thể thâm nhập xuống bề mặt Trái Đất, dễ dàng gây ra các vấn đề trầm trọng đối với sức khỏe.


Most people think that wearing a mask regularly can provide absolute sun protection, but with long wavelengths, UV rays can penetrate glass, metal, and especially the fabric on the mask and directly affect our skin. In particular, not all mask fabrics are capable of blocking UV rays. Ordinary fabrics such as cotton, and kate... almost only have a shielding effect so that the skin is not exposed to direct sunlight, but in fact, ultraviolet rays can still penetrate the fragile mask and affect the skin.

Therefore, experts recommend that we use dark and black masks to increase sun protection up to 90%, while light-colored masks only have about 60% sun protection effect (especially medical masks). Blue cells are often effective in blocking dust, but do not provide good sun protection). In addition, you should not be subjective but apply sunscreen in combination with a mask to protect your skin optimally. 

3. Where to buy a UV protection mask?

In Vietnam today, there are not too many brands that can produce specialized lines of sunscreen masks due to special requirements in terms of technology and materials. So NeoVision is definitely the name you should refer to if you want to find products that meet quality standards certified by domestic and foreign laboratories.

NeoVision is distributing 2 lines of Koolmask and Koolcap masks, which are a high-end duo made from specialized sunscreen fabrics imported directly from abroad. With soft and cool material, breathable, good sweat absorption, and does not cause roughness to the skin when worn but still ensures UV protection up to more than 95%, the product brings a really different experience to the users when compared with popular masks on the market.

Koolmask meets the standard of over 95% UV protection

Bên cạnh đó, bội đôi Koolmask và Koolcap còn đạt chỉ số chống nắng SPF 50+ đã được Phân Viện Vật Lý Thành Phố Hồ Chí Minh kiểm định và đạt tiêu chuẩn ngày 28/04/2003, đạt chứng chỉ chống nắng tại Nhật Bản (ngăn cản trên 98% tia UVA & UVB) công bố ngày 23/06/2010.

Với nguồn nguyên liệu chính đạt chuẩn AATCC183 – ASTM6544 – ASTM6603 của Mỹ cùng những tính năng chống tia UV đã qua kiểm định nghiêm ngặt, bộ đôi này của nhà NeoVision được đánh giá là sự lựa chọn hoàn hảo cho những chị em phụ nữ đang mong muốn tìm kiếm một sản phẩm chống nắng có tác dụng bảo vệ làn da một cách toàn diện nhất mỗi khi ra đường vào mùa hè.

NeoVision also distributes many lines of high-class activated carbon masks.

In addition, the NeoVision brand is also widely known to users thanks to the production and distribution of activated carbon masks. The product fully integrates 3 features against fine dust PM2.5 - bacteria - pollution at an affordable price, giving consumers more perfect choices in finding protective products for the respiratory system in the long run.

Currently, customers can easily choose to buy US-standard anti-UV and Neomask masks at the website or directly call Hotline 0988 48 55 77 for advice and support in a fastest way. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of mask production as well as direct distribution to hundreds of factories and industrial parks, NeoVision is committed to bringing quality and aesthetic products that will satisfy customers from the very first use.

Surely here you have the answer whether wearing a mask can prevent sun rays or not. Don't be subjective but wear a mask in combination with sunscreen to protect your skin optimally.