Super Cool Mask Collection For Personality Guys

NeoMask NC95 is always at the top of the best-selling activated carbon mask line at NeoVision. The product is favored by male customers with its breathable honeycomb mesh fabric design, which feels extremely comfortable when worn or when talking for hours. In particular, the NC95 has a size that is quite suitable for men's faces, hugging all corners to limit air leakage to a minimum, helping to protect the respiratory system in the most optimal way.

The breathable mesh fabric design makes it easy to breathe in any situation.

The filter of the NC95 mask consists of 3 layers scientifically arranged with specialized non-woven fabric and ACF fiber-activated carbon filter. The product has an effective odor-blocking effect when traveling, even filtering harmful emissions and PM2.5 ultrafine dust suspended in the air that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

In fact, if you are looking for a product at a mid-range price but meets the strict requirements of the ability to prevent bacteria, fine dust, and filter polluted air, then NeoMask NC95 is definitely your name. Not to be missed if you love using activated carbon masks in general and NeoVision brand in particular.


The NeoMask VC65 "national" mask is not only sought after by women but also chosen by male customers when looking for a compact and convenient product for daily use. With the price of only 30,000 VND, you already own a versatile activated carbon mask that is ideal for use on the go or in specific working environments.

Currently, VC65 has 2 lines through the ear and through the nape to meet the diverse search needs of users. NeoVision has just launched the New VC65 version with outstanding improvements in design and filters, which has quickly become the most sought-after product on the company's website and e-commerce platforms.

NeoMask-VC65 New has outstanding improvements in design and filters.

Specifically, the filter of NeoMask-VC65 New is equipped with Melt Blown class that meets N95 and PFE99 standards with the ability to filter up to 99% of ultrafine dust and bacteria (0.1 micrometers), 25 times smaller than PM2.5 size. quality certification by Nelson Laboratories (USA). Besides, the Activated Carbon layer will filter most of the gas, and unpleasant gasoline smell when worn, giving you a really comfortable feeling every time you use it.

Especially with trendy neutral colors, VC65 masks are also easy to combine with many different outfits, helping you confidently assert your style when going to work or hanging out with friends every day.


It can be said that NeoShield is the most different product in NeoVision's activated carbon mask collection. In addition to the high-quality activated carbon filter that has created the NeoMask brand, NeoShield masks are also equipped with a one-way breathing valve system, making it easy for the wearer to breathe while still ensuring the ability to protect the respiratory system in a way. the best.

The working mechanism of this pair of valves is that the air will be circulated to the outside when we exhale without causing any moisture on the mask. On the contrary, the outside air cannot get inside without going through the filter.

NeoShield is equipped with an advanced one-way valve system, quality certified by Nelson (USA)

Not only that, but NeoShield also received a lot of positive feedback from customers because of the super impressive neckband design, embracing the wearer's face but leaving no marks on the skin. With the above design, you can easily maneuver when working or moving on the road without encountering any obstacles.

In summary, with nearly 20 years of experience and reputation in the business and production of activated carbon masks, NeoVision always strives to bring quality masks to meet the health protection needs of customers in today's heavily polluted conditions.

Especially with the above 3 mask lines, men can confidently use them every day to affirm their personality without worrying about factors affecting the respiratory system such as popular fabric masks sold widely on the market.