3 NeoVision Premium Over-Ear Mask Lines You Should Not Miss

NeoVision is one of the pioneering companies in the field of activated carbon mask production with quality products, reasonable prices, and meets the demand for health protection masks consumers. Currently, NeoVision distributes 2 popular types of masks, the over-the-ear line and the neck-pass line with different outstanding advantages, including the 3 best-selling over-the-ear masks at NeoVision that are always out of stock after each sale.

VC65 – Nelson standard mask line (USA)

VC65 is said to be one of the most popular and best-selling product lines at NeoVision. Products are highly appreciated for both quality and design, applied modern production technologies, especially using completely imported raw materials.

VC65 activated carbon mask has 3 basic layers:

– Lớp thứ 1: Vải dệt thun Tricot co giãn

– Lớp thứ 2: Bộ lọc than hoạt tính gồm 3 lớp: lớp 1 bằng vải không dệt thường + lớp 2 bằng vải không dệt có than hoạt tính dạng tấm + lớp 3 bằng vải không dệt thường.

– Lớp thứ 3: Vải lưới mềm mịn và thoáng mồ hôi.

With a scientifically arranged multi-layer structure and safe materials for users' health, VC65 is always the priority choice of customers when looking to buy wearable products on the road daily. Besides, the VC65 also uses a filter manufactured with activated carbon pressed in non-woven fabric (Activated Carbon Nonwoven) with the feature of preventing PM2.5 fine dust, bacteria, and other pollutant waste from entering the respiratory tract, limiting allergic rhinitis caused by pollutants in the air.
In particular, one of the important standards affirming the quality of the VC65 series is that the product achieves a 95% BFE filter efficiency of Nelson Laboratories (USA). Masks are not only ideal for use when traveling on the road, but also a product trusted by many factories and industrial parks because of the outstanding advantages it brings.

RE5 mask – Refined fine dust

Tuy chỉ mới ra mắt trong thời gian gần đây nhưng RE5 đã nhanh chóng nhận được sự đón nhận mạnh mẽ của người tiêu dùng nhờ vào cải tiến của bộ lọc than hoạt tính. Sản phẩm gây ấn tượng bởi lõi lọc cao cấp, siêu dày dặn bao gồm lớp lọc bụi siêu mịn chuyên dụng để lọc bụi PM2.5 và lớp lọc than hoạt tính ép trong vải không dệt (ACN – Activated Carbon Non-woven), được ứng để sản xuất mặt nạ phòng độc trong chiến tranh hóa học và vi trùng học.

Besides, with Jacquard fabric imported directly from abroad, preventing drops, and ensuring excellent ventilation and sweat absorption, RE5 is considered an ideal product to wear continuously for many hours, providing maximum protection for the user's respiratory system.

In addition, RE5 still ensures to meet Nelson's BEF 95% bacteria filtration standard (USA) like the Neomask VC65 mask line, so it is not surprising that it has just appeared on the market not long ago, but this product line quickly occupied the position of the best- selling item in all NeoVision's sales.

Currently, with a price of just over 50,000 VND, easy cleaning ability, and long-term use time of up to 3 months, RE5 is the choice that customers should prioritize when looking to buy an over-ear mask of NeoVision.

Duststop DS01 – A new breakthrough for the NeoVision fabric mask line

Still a new warrior of the NeoVision family, Duststop has a spectacular change in design, especially for customers who are not used to using too thick masks.

DS01 gồm 5 lớp với  2 lớp vải cao cấp mặt ngoài và mặt trong, 2 lớp vải không dệt và 1 lớp lọc bụi mịn PM2.5 chuyên dụng nhập trực tiếp từ nước ngoài. Với thiết kế này sản phẩm sẽ không kèm theo lọc than hoạt tính như các dòng khẩu trang qua tai khác của NeoVision nhưng vẫn đảm bảo khả năng hạn chế các hạt bụi siêu nhỏ một cách tốt nhất.

Especially with this smart design, the Duststop DS01 ensures maximum ventilation during the respiratory process, completely breaking the precedents of wearing a mask with a dust filter layer, bacteria will bring a feeling of stuffy, shortness of breath. The product is ideal for customers who are only used to regular cloth masks on the market, or for elderly people who rarely go out on the street.

With the change and continuous improvement in the production process, NeoVision is confident to bring customers high-class product lines, fully meeting both quality and aesthetic criteria. Especially at NeoVision, not only distributes masks for adults, but consumers can also easily find activated carbon masks for children from 3 to 16 years old at extremely affordable prices.

Currently, to buy genuine NeoVision masks, customers can order products directly on the website www.neovision.com.vn or via Hotline 0988 48 55 77 to get more information.